The Theory of Devolution vs Supernatural Selection

Most Biblical Type of people (I know, not a good way to start) agree on roughly 7000 years since Adam… Does that sound like enough time for us to get the way we are?

Must be… but lets consider for a minute the flood, which shaves off about 1700 years (see which looks reasonable to me). That leaves us with 5300 years to to see the societies and individuals we have right now.  Meaning, humanity features races, languages, societies  that have presumably all emerged from those 8 survivors.

Obviously that’s 5300 years until now…  we know for sure  there were black people around the time of Jesus already ( how? well check the ethiopian story) That shaves at least another 2000 years.

Ok so we are left with 3300 years to go from Noah and his crew to full blown quasi the-way-we-are now… business… That is including language and societal development.

This implies that people will go from basically one culture (one race?) to a pretty diverse bunch, build a plane go all the way from South America to Papua New Guinea, swim across and hide in Japan and Australia.  Then loose the plans to the planes, so nobody (meaning no European) can find them until recently.

I think that could work!  Of course, that’s an awfully small amount of time to develop such marked physical features as well as build individually recognizable societies, languages, alphabets etc…

Either God was doing extra homework to get us people the way we are (creating races etc)… or it seems to me we are looking at a human pre-cambrian explosion in terms of evolution of mankind.  That is why suggest  “accelerated evolution”.  Since we get that accelerated evolution speed, what happened then that stymied such grandiose evolution/adaptation thingy?

Introducing: Accelerated Devolution

What’s that?  It is the phenomenon that must have occurred in order for man kind to go from 8 people to what we were by the time Jesus needed to be breastfed in a way smooth enough for nobody to ever remark.

oh… Oups sorry, I just checked, the earliest Chinese dynasties date from around 2000 BC.

ARRGGH! dem Chinese!… they are messing with my calculus. You can imagine that if they got a dynasty going on, they had to have moved there a while ago… settle the land, fight etc (or they are just the lightening quick type of political people, in which case they could have  just have decided, ok you be the king, no no you be the emperor, no you, ok, ok,  I’ll be the emperor, fine? fine!).

In any case, well that shaves another good 2000 years from my accelerated evolution/devolution …  ooooh It’s tight.  It’s tight…. what to do?

Man, I’m left with just 1300 years to go from Noah+7 to to a  full blown Chinese dynasty, along with culture, politics, religion and  their physical features.

Introducing super duper evolution/devolution (SDED for short)

Of course in those 1300 years they get to travel that far, settle the land all the while experiencing SDED.

I know for you critics of the holy Bible, this sound way too short. You are probably thinking of the number of generations needed to create lasting genetic adaptations in microbial cultures….

Yes but that’s a human way of looking at human history.  If the bible says it happened in that time, it must be true, therefore put your bible goggles on (faith) and believe!  Or you can just imagine that God was helping out the process and that probably explains just about everything anyway.

Which is just a another to say: Supernatural Selection.