Die Leiden Des jugendlich CafeProz – Chapter 4, De Luxe Or Pyramids

Wednesday… 10:41 am, get there 11 minutes late (could be a *lot* worse).

“I’m taking you to somebody’s house, ok?” She says.

Hmmm…..somebody’s house? I wonder… Not for
long because oh heavens! she looks good. A mid-leg,
strait, sky blue, summer dress, golden skin,
and.. cute starfish ear rings (also sky blue…
well a tad more towards turquoise…but who cares?)
She looks as fresh as the rain on a hot summer day.

We drive and drive for about 10 minutes… by that
time my brain is like a loose fire-hose, spraying away
scenarios all over …where could she be taking me to?
Maybe some kinda mini high school reunion? some kinda off-the-beaten
path breakfast place? What? Where in the world am I going to?

We finally get to the place.

Huh oh. Feels like a trap. Tony Soprano would have patted his piece by now.

This girl took me to a !@!#!$ AMWAY meeting!!!
I can’t believe it. I am dumbfounded. shocked.

Ego damage control: It is possible that she
thought of it as a way to keep in touch with
me? huh? Imagine if I am part of her network she
would have to send me info and constantly
communicate… right? (Right)

In any case the private session is cut short as
I am oh so familiar with the “concept”.
Quick Exit. The whole thing was a bit uncomfortable
as I profusely assure them that it is an excellent
idea (but not before telling them about the
lawsuits against Amway/Quixtar…)

Anyhow, so we’re out and I come to the realization
that this lady had no plans for some social
situation (lunch or breakfast…. I did not even eat
breakfast, thinking the “adventure” would at least
include some food…).

Things are not going well.

We talk for a few minute and, one way or another,
the plan is to go to her house. She will cook for
her mom and then we will go to some restaurant in
the City. The whole afternoon on bold letters her
forehead blinks “Beware of B*”. Yes, She is a b*.
She whines and complains about everything. Picky
and fickle (funny she complains that her father is
picky, fickle and always complaining)….and takes

When the waitress asks us whether we will have wine…
without hesitating (or consulting… me) she answers “No”.
So I smile. I know why I liked her. I have a penchant for
strong minded women. I just don’t know if she can take my
brand of passive-aggressiveness, though. But to her
defense she is direct and looks at me again with a
softness that I am ready to be fooled by.

Maybe I am confusing picky-ness with character strength here
but I don’t care…. never mind. She looks and talks
to me as if she knows she is difficult but gives me
all the hints I can take over anytime I want to.
Weird huh? It is very tempting. My big question:
does she still not have a clue about my “motives”
or do I really have to share my thoughts?

I don’t know. At the end of the meal we are asked
if we want coffee… this time she asks me whether
I want coffee before answering the waitress! Then
smiles… “see I can change” (aargh is that a hint?
If only I could plug my computer right into her

Quick photo as we leave… doesn’t want to. But then,
would you know who wants to pose and check the results?

The rest is non-eventful., except that I meet her mom.

Although, the afternoon went very well, I probably
don’t have a scale that will accommodate how
disappointed I am.

I send Miss Ginger an email that night. I said I
was picking her up at 21h30 Friday night for
some Salsa…

We’ll see.

But come on?… AMWAY? A-M-W-A-Y?????? (GRRR)


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