Die Leiden Des jugendlich CafeProz – Chapter 3, Brave by the Bell

Monday, the big day. I am restless, chomping at
the bit, it’s so exciting! but you’d never know if
not for the recurring smile that I am trying to keep
under control.

It’s 3:11 PM. I find the school where she teaches.
The school is locked and the bell I ring, loudly rips the
afternoon silence to pieces. Out comes one staff member shadowed by a
bunch of others peering from behind like prairie dogs in the

Not the discreet entry I hoped for but… Does Ginger
work here? .. YES!! I have to wait though because,
School does not let out until 4 pm and it’s… “Cien
anios de Soledad” slowly eeking out of the clock.

4 pm. I’m at the gates and pondering the best
strategy… kids and parents have flooded the area,
and counter flow navigation is daunting.

I lift up my eyes and there, a nonchalant unmistakable
face appears. It’s her! It’s her! Mayday, Mayday!
Houston we have problems! boosters about to blow!
Blood, rushing to the head. I can’t believe it.

Luckily, I don’t run out like I might have done 20
years earlier. But I do turn around to regroup… and
let her pass by.

Ginger? She turns her hand and says: “Hey… it’s you!”…
(wow! Could she be any calmer?) I think she did not
start realizing the amount of time and space that had
actually accumulated between us right away… But her
face did light up… or maybe it was just the hot pounding
sun making everything shiny.

Regardless, we start chatting on the sidewalk and before
long she invites me to continue the conversation
at her mom’s house.

Now, this deserves a pause. Ginger had actually
2 addresses. One downtown Cayenne. One out this
way. One which I had already followed her to, and,
one which was completely inaccessible to me,
if not for the occasional trips my parents would
take via that road. Back then, I knew both of
them…ironically, right now she was
actually taking me to the very house I had been
madly trying to locate when I was younger.
The problem was that her address did not have exact numbers
like “city addresses”. Instead, in rural areas,
addresses are expressed terms of road “mileage”.
How in the world would they expect a 13 year
old to know exactly where 1.22 km was on that road?
I was left with the task of analyzing, and
scrutinizing every house, every building and
speculated as to which one held the object of my
attention… Maybe I would get to see her and…?
The “and” was not all that important then.

Turns out, it was none of the ones I had thought of.
Her house was indeed in the area but was not directly
visible from the road…. bummer?
Now way! Today is a most beautiful day.

First impressions… she had aged (yeah why would
I think a 34 year old woman
would look any older than her 13 year old self).
Also she no longer has those mesmerizing
braids… (she cut them last year. Ouch),
but then her eyes were all the same. A playful,
wicked gleam wrapped in a soft gaze that leaves me
simultaneously fascinated and forewarned. Is that
fly about to be zapped or something… hmmm (What’s
truly scary is that I would already be at that
point: Pathetic, Pathetic Pathetic!)

In any case, apparently, we have date… a Morning
date of that. Wednesday 10:30AM in front of
City Hall…

Let’s recapitulate: I found her, I like her, She is
single (from what i gather :-), does not have 5 kids…
and we have a date (that she is putting together)?

Well excuse me for not feeling too bad.


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