Paris Perfect

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A thousand times, and a thousand more, haven’t I seen the eiffel tower in the paris sky?
A thousand times, and a thousand more, haven’t I been right there, shooting but a glance, driving by?
Unexpectedly, this originally unremarkable night, took a stab at perfection…

From Trocadero’s deck, the tower took me by surprise, massive, impressive, elegant if not beautiful,
it had that Wow, that long time mates tends to loose.
Below Trocdero, was served tango…
I stared, marvelled, and later, took a chance and danced,
once with that shy parisian lady,
and twice again with a ballerina from Turkey,
all perfect strangers, dancing strangely perfectly

As I went back to the deck, still slightly buzzed from the beauty of nothing in particular,
I saw people, families, couples holding, gazing at the tower seemingly for the first time…
Their eyes wide open twinkling with amazement,
taking in a view bursting from perhaps, childhood dreams and movie fantasies coming to term…
Suddenly, a groundswell of childlike oohs and cutesy aaww poored in to the night,
as hands all around clasped, or cameras flashed i teared up realizing how much this corny once-evey-fifteen minutes twinkling of the tower,
made for a million eyes and some million more a perfect night, in a perfect Paris sky.


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