Die Leiden Des jugendlich CafeProz – Chapter 2, Braids and Prejudice

Saturday: I tried to go check her old address. Nothing.
Looked up her father’s name in the phone book and… miracles of
miracles he is there *and* answers the phone.  He confirms that is her father,
but does not have her contact information. All he knows is the name of the elementary school where she teaches.

Fine. I look up that school in the phonebook…. no school.
Look on line and there it is, oh precious perl of academia.
Not surprisingly, of all the schools in that city, the school is the
only one without a phone number!… Monday, I’m going to school.

I’m close (I think)…. and it is a bit nerve racking. I am almost jubilant
but don’t want to jinx it! Aaaargh. As of now I don’t want to be too happy but,
it is looking real good.

I have to sit on my hands, but my hyperactive self is on I-cant-take-it mode.
I am having all kinds of flashbacks about the things I tried to do to get
her attention… well more like the multiple ways I failed to even make a
dent in her armor.  She was a bit severe (obnoxious? stuckup? “reserved”?),
but those  2 long braids she had so often well made up for it. I loved
those braids. They were fascinating, beautiful, strong, seductive,
thick meshes of her very own fabric constantly in my sight (Naturally,
I sat the back of class… and she, in the front)

If she ever got to notice me was when, from time to time,
I would get her extremely “furax”(I am gifted like that) ….her eyes would
fire up, and launch these precision guided missiles towards me (yikes!!!)…
As I was saying, if she ever got to notice me (in a positive way) I had no
evidence of that.

Back then a couple of times I did follow her home after school
feasting my eyes on more glimpses of her (come to think of it, that sounds
either really cute or seriously creepy).  Ahhh kids. Funny enough, it
is with the same adolescent ardor that I am looking for her now.  Who
knows by now she could look like a big greasy potatoe(that would be a
downer) or maybe she’s maried, 5 kids….

I can’t help myself with wonderful idylic scenarios.  I vainly just try to
keeep in mind that no matter what it wont’ be anything like I imagine or
want to imagine… hmmm let’s see: still beautiful as I remembered her,
assertive, long braids, a nice clear forehead(I have a thing for
foreheads too), and that gleam in her eye that made me feel like
a fly getting too close to those zapping lights.

Ok, I will stop that  for now because this is silly. Sweet, delightful
nostalgic nonsense, but nonsense nonetheless!

Monday!! where art thou?


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