Die Leiden Des jugendlich CafeProz – Chapter 1, Collision

Why then and not at any other time is hard say.  What is certain is that
these were the days where the long forgotten utter despair from having an unexpected zit on the nose, a wavering voice pitch and a host of other gender-based embarrassments brought my well earned swagger to a screeching halt.

Sounds mysterious? Well, I am almost certain that for all those who have traveled and lived far away from the land of their youth this might sound familiar: sooner or later you collide with your past and when that happens you’re never quite prepared for it.

My own collision started with a long trip from the US to South America.  I landed on a Tuesday and, I must say, I enjoyed the benefit of no special feeling or any kind of premonition that I believe should normally precede momentous events… Nah, just your regular joyous friends and family reunion type of feeling.

To be honest, it was not the first time that I had thought about her.  I had gone back to French Guiana a couple of times in the last few years, and every time she would pop into my mind, but ever so gently…  and likewise that thought would dissipate in the effervescence of parties and excursions.

However, this time, out of nowhere, I felt the urge to check on my long lost love interest of 20 years ago (Mind you she probably never knew of said interest…).  Yes, just like that, it turned out that Thursday was the day the Lord had made for me to take a trip to where it all began: my old junior high.

Thanks to either my legendary puppy eyes, or my giant karma account I got to see records without any ID or vetting of any kind… and proceeded with my search.

Records were minimal. Nothing useful except for names and addresses of one or more parents. Good enough,  I thought. Women tend to shed their original last names after a  while, so yeah… parent info should prove to be very useful.

Ginger!  Got it. Her old address and the name of her father.  Not content just with copying down the info, I also took a photo of the page to make sure records did not disappear . Felt like a cold war spy.

Phase one: Mission accomplished! Big smile on face.

Things are looking good!


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