Lo que no mata…

Current trials do prepare to overcome greater ones later.  This is a recurring theme in all cultures (that I know) and  it takes various forms such as “What does not kill you makes you stronger” or the related more drastic “sink or swim” method etc…  The oposite is also true “Spare rod, spoil the child” etc..
To that effect I came accross this picture, which I found fitting, but given the religious reference, I had to wonder also about the exaltation of unnecessary pain on the basis of some future (or hidden) reward.
As in…. trials as means of growth or trials as martyrdom?… well in any case the following did shed light and I find it quite amusing.

Just because some people use their cross as a bridge does not mean there isn’t one already


The day of Rest: A Creation story

The current popular belief among christians and jews is that well God created the heavens and earth in 6 days and he rested the 7th day…
(hence the jewish holy Shabbath)
A detail that often gets overlooked is WHY God almighty thought he should rest.

While traveling through remote villages in Palestine, I discovered an ancient scroll containing the earliest accounts of the events known to men.
The scroll was not in good shape and putting the pieces together was a labor of love that I am proud to now share with you so that no longer you remain ignorant of these very important first steps in the history of humanity (which also happen to explain other things… incidentally)

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Ben Carson is full of….!

I really hate writing about this guy, which I personally like and admire… actually it’s probably because I like him that I do… anyhow, yes Ben Carson is full of….! (at least on these points 🙂

I would like to stress I have no qualms against is positions, just his **reasoning**, which to a certain extent makes things worse.

That said, please do watch the entire speech which is quite enjoyable and really is not what media nuts (or even my post title) make it out to be. As far as I am concerned a lot of what he said is quite sensible.

This is in reaction to the *portion* highlighted by Cavuto in in which he makes a couple of claims:
A) The fact that his is a Doctor does not limit his ability to comment on Policy
B) He and others are quite successful in using fact-driven analysis to solve numerous problems
C) A flat tax is fair.
D) God gave a 10% across the board tithing system which should be imitated.

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Vidas, Muertos, Familias, Circulos…

Noche De Muertos, Patzcuaro, Michoacan, Mexico

Daper DeathAltar MaxAltarOfferingsObsceneryEmpty Chair
The villageOf faith and sorrowCold feet at the gatesCircle of lifeCircle of lifeFamily Affair
Night of lightOh the pretty lightsPeaking Through...

Noche de Muertos… an old dream of mine that finally came to reality. Mexicans, have a way with a variety of things and death is no exception. A very rich, varied colorful and meaningful set of traditions reaching way back to to pre-colonial times… mingling with, battling against and mostly losing to the commercial and ephemeral.

Months later, of my journey (mainly around Patzcuaro, Michoacan) 2 things remain strikingly fresh in my memory:

– The beauty and strength of grasping of time and life through family ties and traditions
– The inescapable feeling of loss and loneliness

I am particularly fond of these three scenes:

Empty Chair

Of faith and sorrow

Circle of life

Die Leiden Des jugendlich CafeProz – Chapter 4, De Luxe Or Pyramids

Wednesday… 10:41 am, get there 11 minutes late (could be a *lot* worse).

“I’m taking you to somebody’s house, ok?” She says.

Hmmm…..somebody’s house? I wonder… Not for
long because oh heavens! she looks good. A mid-leg,
strait, sky blue, summer dress, golden skin,
and.. cute starfish ear rings (also sky blue…
well a tad more towards turquoise…but who cares?)
She looks as fresh as the rain on a hot summer day.
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Die Leiden Des jugendlich CafeProz – Chapter 3, Brave by the Bell

Monday, the big day. I am restless, chomping at
the bit, it’s so exciting! but you’d never know if
not for the recurring smile that I am trying to keep
under control.

It’s 3:11 PM. I find the school where she teaches.
The school is locked and the bell I ring, loudly rips the
afternoon silence to pieces. Out comes one staff member shadowed by a
bunch of others peering from behind like prairie dogs in the
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